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Véronica Duport


Veronica has travelled in South America, Central America, Asia and Africa as a diving instructor, a translator and also working with dolphins. Her career in broadcasting began in 1998 with L'Odyssée Bleue, a documentary about an attempt to free a captive dolphin. This experience was followed by a stint at TSR as a video reporter and director, then editor, producer and camera operator in Switzerland. At TSR, in 2001 she worked on the production of the documentary series Secours en Montagne and in 2003 she co-directed the series Profession Guide de Montagne. She then directed and produced Spitzberg, sur un pied d'égalité, produced by Seven Doc, Haïti Mon Peyi and served as assistant director for the film Dakini, le féminin de la sagesseby Veronique Jannot. Having dual Swiss and American nationality, Veronica now divides her time between Europe and the United States, where she has just completed a short fictional film that will soon be presented at the Sundance Film Festival (United States) and the Berlin International Film Festival. A director, producer and editor for several American productions, she continues her cinema studies at the University of San Francisco in parallel.

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