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Seven Zik

For Igor Stravinsky, music was “wallpaper” for films; by this he meant that music should support the images and the story, but not take centre stage. Echoing the great Russian composer, Seven Doc takes care to create an aural or musical universe for each of its documentary films in close collaboration with musicians, sound designers and singers. As a logical continuation of its commitment to creating original soundtracks and the fruit of encounters with the pianist Colette Maze and the actress and singer Nathalie Joly, Seven Doc, has expanded its scope of operations into creating music via the Seven Zik label, producing three audio CDs:

Je ne sais quoi, Nathalie Joly sings Yvette Guilbert
Colette Maze plays Debussy - Book 1 of the Preludes
Colette Maze plays Debussy – Book 2 of the Preludes


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