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photo portrait Christophe Denizot dans son studio

Christophe Denizot

Composer - sound designer

 Born in 1973 in Créteil, Christopher grew up near La Defense, in Paris... Introduced very early on to classical music by his father, he went to concert halls such as Gaveau and Pleyel, discovering prestigious symphonic ensembles at the age of three. The magnitude of the sound and the concert halls impressed him, stereo, panoramic sound, space... until it became an obsession. In the early 90s, at the age of 17, he moved to Grenoble to study graphic design. Once he had saved a little money, he furnished his student rooms: his first synthesizer and an electric guitar, effects pedals... During the summer of 1995 he played more and more electronic music, and had a decisive encounter with the legendary French group Total Eclipse and Juno Reactor, who composed the soundtrack for The Matrix. He then completely changed his equipment and became interested in sampling techniques, bought a PC, a sound card... the first mixing desk of the digital era, and just never switched off. In the late 90s, he joined a multimedia company as a composer-sound designer. In 2005, he went freelance. Today, he has produced compositions for commercials, television, the Internet, and documentary films (including nine with Seven Doc), short films and more recently for the 2011 Cirque Arlette Gruss show.

His musics found in the films produced by Seven Doc

Jean-Marc Boivin, extrêmement vôtre - 2006
Yves Tanguy - 2007
Baffin, l’île aux enfants - 2007
Des Hommes sur la Montagne – 2007
La voix des Pénélopes - 2008
Marcel Duchamp - 2010
Le monde de Gaston Rébuffat - 2010
Tant qu’il y aura des Gruss – 2010
Le Nid - 2010

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